Thursday, February 22, 2007

Directory Structure

Sometunes tge wgike disk has onew file system , and sometimes it has other parts to do other things.
A chunk of storage can be called a volume , each volume is like a virtual disk , Can store multiple operating systems . each volume that contains a file system nust also contait information about the files in the system. which is kept in a device directory .

maps file names into thieer directory entries . operations like :
  • Searching for a file .
  • creating a file
  • deleting a file
  • list a directory .
  • rename a file .
  • traverse the file system .
Directory Types:
Single Level Directory :
All files are contained in the same directory , has limitaiton when the number of files increase and when the number of users increases . we could have name conflicts .
Two level Directory:
invloves a solution to the other problem , meaning creating a directory for each user . and each user has his own user file directory .
Tree Structured Directory:
this form is more generlized form of the tree . any file can be referenced as an absolute path name . or a relative path name .

file sdharing is allowed in a cyclic grpah structure . this is implemented by havninh a linki to the file fomr eahcof the directories .