Monday, March 17, 2008

Statecharts modelling of TankWars

due to growing market share of the game industry throughout recent years, More complex AI in games is in high demand. on of the main requirements is then high reusability, which happens to be one of MDE preaches. so EA sports launched a compeition to write the AI function of tanks in a tank war game. each tank had an AI function that was to be called with environments parameters. it was a time sliced approach which needs simulators so statecharts, was used to model behavior and a class diagram for structure to model the tank game. the tanks needed to avoid obstacles, detect enemy and remember some map information. the AI of the tank models the pilot. so a whole bunch of statecharts that describe the tactical strategy . the simulator cals the AI function , and passes the environment variables. appropriate level of abstraction is introduced , an evet based formalism is the most useful/applicable , statechart ( modularity , event based , simulation and code generation ) .